Wendy Lange

Co-founder and Managing Partner
Lange Estate Winery and Vineyard

Leaving the East Coast to pursue her studies at UC Santa Barbara, Wendy soon
became enamored by the burgeoning wine scene. There came a moment when
it was time to make a choice: Pinot noir or English Literature. Fine arts or ne
wine? Why not pursue the ne art of making wine? Wendy’s parents were
overjoyed with both her reasoning skills and career choice.
Now, some 26 years later, The Langes, along with son Jesse, are growing Pinot noir, Pinot gris
and Chardonnay on their 56 acre estate located in the heart of the Dundee Hills. Seriously dedicated the
notoriously nicky Pinot noir varietal, the Langes produce upwards of seven dierent bottlings per vintage.
Among the rst wineries in the U.S to produce Pinot gris, the Langes were on the vanguard of this now popular
varietal by pioneering both a barrel fermented version along with the more traditional stainless steel oering.
Their classic, old world style Chardonnays remind Wendy of her favorite French Burgundies and she makes a
point of securing enough to enjoy with friends and colleagues over long lunches and dinners through out
the season.
Recently named one of Wine and Spirits Wineries of the Year, the Langes are also celebrating 26 years
of crafting world class wines in the heart of Oregon’s Dundee Hills