Loren Miller Headshot

Loren Miller

Winemaker for O'Neill Vinters

As a 4th-generation California farmer, Loren Miller has had a deep connection to the land since his childhood. Loren approaches Rabble winemaking with dedicated focus, admiration, and care, guided by profound respect for Mother Nature and the lessons learned from her each vintage. Loren takes great pride and responsibility in creating wines that strive to protect Mother Nature for generations to come. 

His experience in Australia and in California, helping lead many of the sustainability initiatives for O’Neill, helped shape and prepare Loren to take on Rabble winemaking. 

“With Rabble wines, each variety has its own intricacies that need to be respected: harvest time, ripeness, composition, structure, etc. My mission is to understand all of these variables and manage them accordingly with Mother Nature in mind.” 

His commitment to continuous improvement and curiosity for life are driving forces for embracing the obstacles nature brings each vintage – creating space to implement new ideas and innovative solutions to craft wines he and his team can stand behind. 

“Winemakers aren’t rock stars, we’re stewards of the fruit. To make a truly great wine we have to develop a relationship with a given vineyard and vintage.” 

Rooted in Nature from vine to glass – Loren finds great joy in creating wines shared in life’s most significant celebrations and intimate moments.