Claudio Viberti

Winemaker and Owner
Viberti Barolo Italia

Claudio Viberti represents the third generation to run the family business. At a young age, Claudio stepped up to the challenge of managing all aspects of the winery, from winemaking to sales. In an

effort to prove himself, Claudio set out to ameliorate the quality of the wines and establish the brand in the global marketplace. In the cellar, Claudio strives to create elegant wines that are a true reflection of his home. He firmly believes that quality wines are attained in the vineyard and has sought out some of the most prestigious properties in Barolo adding to the Viberti holdings. By combining modern techniques and traditional methods, he has achieved a unique style all his own. A self- proclaimed “evolutionist”, Claudio states, “setting new, more demanding goals is a necessity for the development of any business. The know- how passed down through the generations only takes you so far; you must also improve upon your techniques in order to reach a new level. It is important for family businesses not to become so deeply rooted in tradition that they refuse to evolve with the times.”