Cesar Arboleda

Owner and Cellar Master
LaBelle Winery

Owner and Cellar Master Cesar Arboleda 

Born in Medellin, Colombia, Cesar immigrated to the United States to join his family when he was seven years old.    His parents worked tirelessly – often two shifts a day – to provide their children a chance at the American Dream.    

Cesar graduated from UMASS and began his career in IT, managing UNIX systems for Sun Microsystems for ten years, and eventually working at Fidelity Investments, where he met Amy. In 2006, Cesar began to work with Amy LaBelle toward the goal of opening a world-class, state of the art winery here in New Hampshire. Often working nights and weekends around his day job schedule, in 2008 Cesar finally left his career to help Amy build LaBelle winery full time.     Cesar manages cellar operations such as the winery’s filtration and bottling programs, and also manages the sales staff.    

Cesar loves learning the art of entrepreneurship and growing his business, and fastidiously manages the production of LaBelle Wine. His favorite business notion that “quality can be found anywhere” emphasizes that here in New Hampshire, world-class wine is a reality. Cesar will accept no less. 

Cesar and Amy live together in Amherst, New Hampshire with their two sons Jackson Alejandro and Lucas Cesar.